Author of the Impoverished Wealth short story series.

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Impoverished Wealth is a short story series unveiling the complexities extraordinary wealth drags with it.

The main characters are members of affluent families with lifestyles prone to envy outsiders, but when the curtain is pushed back, their intricacies prove to be divisive, trying, and, ultimately, disconsolate.

Foundations of these families are abolished by their own members, causing individuals to pursue selfish absorptions. The lengths characters go to in order to achieve their ambitions are unimaginable, corrupt, immoral, and detrimental to any remaining hope of sustaining relationships with their kin.

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Opportunity in Pandemic

A Novel by Jake Cavanah

Artificial intelligence, greed, and segregating the population each played a role in creating Morple, an oppressive society formed after a pandemic hits in 2030. This novel tells the story of two families with roots on opposite sides of a social revolution that followed decades of corruption, bigotry, and gentrification. Despite the two families representing opposing sides of their society, how they got to where they are in 2089 is more intertwined than they ever could have imagined.

Set to release in 2021.

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