Fragments of Us

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Yellowstone’s third supereruption was 640,000 years ago. More than 250 cubic miles of debris dispersed. That’s enough to bury Texas five feet deep. Since then the supervolcano in northwestern Wyoming has made no significant movement for nearly 70,000 years.

Experts told us there would be warning signs of another supereruption months in advance—that the chance of another one was so slim we wouldn’t have to worry about it for thousands of more years.

That was until Yellowstone reminded us it’s still an active volcano.

Yellowstone’s fourth supereruption has buried Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Colorado in three feet of volcanic ash.

The entire Midwest is under a blanket of glass and splintered rock.

Crops, buildings, and homes across the country are ruined forever.

Countless Americans are at risk of having no drinkable water.

Some of those who live closest to Yellowstone are without essential resources indefinitely.

Others who were far from their loved ones at the time of the supereruption are left wondering if they’ll have anyone to go home to.

The dire circumstances have people fighting for their lives. Fragments of Us tells the stories of how some made it through the worst natural disaster in the history of mankind, and how some didn’t.

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Impoverished Wealth: The Anthology unveils the complexities that come with extraordinary wealth. The main characters are members of affluent families with lifestyles that outsiders envy, but are up against evils money can’t hide forever.

Once an uninhabited island off the California coast, the government used Morple to quarantine minorities during the sonoravirus pandemic from 2030 to 2045.

At its conclusion, Morple became the country’s fifty-first state. This is where sisters Robin Karros’ and Ariana Jackson’s tragic journey began. As two of the first children officials checked into and raised in a state-run program responsible for inflicting severe abuse on Morple’s youth, they shared hardships that strengthened their bond.

After a social revolution put an end to the program and freed them, Robin and Ariana went their separate ways.

Now that it is 2089 and each has achieved prosperity, their paths intersect after spending the latter portion of their lives apart. Even though it goes against protocol, Ariana reestablishes a relationship with her older sister and integrates with her family.

In doing so, she risks her marriage and husband’s business interests, but it causes her to realize she must make up for her life’s biggest mistake. It soon becomes apparent the fate of Robin, Ariana, and others has been more intertwined than they ever could have imagined.

15 things you didn’t know about Jake

1.) Jake once helped build a home in Mexico.

2.) Jake published his first story in kindergarten that won an award recognized across Southern California.

3.) Jake’s all-time favorite meal is chicken parmesan.

4.) The saddest day of Jake’s life was when the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 39.

5.) The happiest day of Jake’s life was when the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52.

6.) Jake’s favorite country is Ireland.

7.) Jake is half Nicaraguan.

8.) Jake is his sharpest at 6:00 a.m. Even on Sundays.

9.) Due to doctor error, Jake unnecessarily had his appendix removed the summer before fourth grade.

10.) Jake broke both collarbones playing football in a 10-month span. He then took up tennis.

11.) Jake was nearly kidnapped outside of his childhood home when he was 12.

12.) Jake nearly had two hole-in-ones in a span of three holes. He hasn’t come close since.

13.) Jake was pursued by a modeling agent after she saw him dancing in his new vest while at Old Navy when he was 6.

14.) Someone once mistakenly thought Jake was Justin Timberlake. He was just as shocked as everyone else.

15.) Jake once ate two pounds of Goldfish in one sitting.

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