About Jake

Inspiration to tell stories comes to me in various ways.

Reading dozens of books a year sparks new ideas.

Waking up from a life-changing dream gets the creative juices flowing.

People watching influences characters.

My natural inclinations to write should have been enough to convince me this is the dream I am meant to chase, but the path to pursue storytelling hit a few speed bumps.

For nearly three years, I spent time in the corporate world in two different roles. At times it was enjoyable, but most of the time, I was unhappy.

Fate confirmed it wasn’t right when I was laid off in July 2020.

To the surprise of many, including myself, I felt rejuvenated.

Liberated from a job I didn’t care for, I now had clarity as to what I was meant to do.

I wrote The Abandoned and Impoverished Wealth: The Anthology to encourage readers to think about our world from another perspective. If after finishing it they’re able to do this, I will have accomplished my goal.

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Anyways, hope to hear from you soon, but until then, happy reading!

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