About Jake

Inspiration to tell stories comes to me in various ways. Reading dozens of books a year sparks new ideas. Waking up from a life-changing dream gets the creative juices flowing. People watching influences the characters I fabricate.

Basically, everything I perceive can result in an idea for a story.

My natural inclinations should have been enough to convince me this is the career I am meant to chase, but the path to pursue storytelling hit a few speed bumps. For nearly three years, I spent time in the corporate world in two different roles. At times it was enjoyable, but most of the time I experienced high levels of stress and forced my work to reflect enthusiasm. If my gut telling me to do something new wasn’t a good enough sign (always listen to your gut), getting laid off in early July 2020 was. To the surprise of many, including myself, it caused me to feel incredibly rejuvenated. I felt liberated and received clarity as to what I was meant to do: write.

This moment of enlightenment has led me here.

Impoverished Wealth is a short series I am writing to break into the profession. Throughout the series, the main characters’ struggles will vary, but the theme, money is the root of all evil, will remain constant in each story. Eventually, I will be publishing novels as I establish myself as an author. For the time being, providing a short story series, an affordable one at that, is how I plan to immerse myself in a “job” I am dedicating my life to.

Countless people, books, and websites have told me becoming a published author is difficult to achieve, but if I let that discourage me, I would not be capable of accomplishing anything worthwhile. Would writing really be my passion if outsiders dictated what I am capable of doing?

Click here to download the Impoverished Wealth short story series from Amazon Books.

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