Revealing Reginald

Order your copy of The Abandoned today             “Hello, hello. Is anyone there?” Reginald bellowed as he let himself in his son’s mansion. Frank and Finn bolted to the front door to smell the intruder, barking to acknowledge their presence.             “Oh fuck, Richard. I thought you said these dogs would be tired. They’re going to stressContinue reading “Revealing Reginald”

Impoverished Wealth: Damon Maker

Click here to download Impoverished Wealth: Damon Maker from Amazon. 7:22 a.m. Friday, October 9 Damon dreaded Sam knocking on his door every morning. Why he couldn’t just open the door and tell Damon to hurry downstairs for breakfast baffled him. Damon asked his parents if Sam could bring up his meals, but they wanted the wholeContinue reading “Impoverished Wealth: Damon Maker”


Order your copy of The Abandoned today             After collecting herself and completing her chores, Robin stormed out of Free Morple without paying anyone else any mind. She liked to believe the days of this state causing so much heartbreak were over, but countless others battled hardships every single day. Nothing could excuse what Jimmy’s father hadContinue reading “Sisterhood”

Interacting with Ariana

Order your copy of The Abandoned today             Ariana swirled her wodin in her glass to entertain herself while she waited for Heather to come back outside. If she wasn’t doing something fidgety, she would have gulped her drink too fast, and today she wanted to keep her wits intact. So, she committed to sipping it slow,Continue reading “Interacting with Ariana”

Marty’s Fight

Order your copy of The Abandoned today             Marty Perlman’s features subjected him to onlookers’ judgements and assumptions. He was five-foot-seven with white Jew curls that told his adversaries interpreting the law in their favor versus his would be arduous.             Marty grew up as an only child in Agoura Hills, California, a suburb with a prevalentContinue reading “Marty’s Fight”

Damaging Dillon

Order your copy of The Abandoned today                         The ride home from the ER was uncomfortable. Dillon and his grandfather were in the backseat, but the former avoided eye contact with his elder. Dillon’s body faced his window, and he scooched himself as far away from Reginald as possible. Richard was responsible for his concussion andContinue reading “Damaging Dillon”

Impoverished Wealth: Danny Cunningham

Click here to download Impoverished Wealth: Danny Cunningham from Amazon. Wednesday Evening Danny Cunningham divided up his vegetable medley into different sections on his plate, designating certain areas around his main entree for each vegetable. His salmon was cold and untouched with the exception of one corner. His mother made him try it, and inContinue reading “Impoverished Wealth: Danny Cunningham”

Ariana Arrives

Order your copy of The Abandoned today             If it weren’t for her mouth feeling as dry as the Sahara Desert, Ariana would have woken up elated. Even by her standards, she overindulged in her wodin collection when she arrived back to her condo after The Corridor. Simply getting back in touch with Robin was a sufficientContinue reading “Ariana Arrives”

Finding Richard Lawrence

Order your copy of The Abandoned today             Richard attended Rapture’s bi-monthly executive meeting, but his mind was elsewhere. Since concussing his son, Richard had been beating himself up for how absent he was throughout Dillon’s childhood and adolescence. It took Dillon’s head cracking open for him to realize he should’ve prioritized raising his son more.            Continue reading “Finding Richard Lawrence”

The Karros Clan

Order your copy of The Abandoned today             In his typical destructive fashion, Jonathan Karros barged in his house with Wallace at his side profusely panting, who stared up at him with a look that said, “I’m not taking my eyes off you until I know you’re inside safely”.             Wallace had cut ears and a six-inchContinue reading “The Karros Clan”