Meet Robin Karros

Free excerpt from The Abandoned, available September 2021             Robin noticed Taylor Jennings sulking in the corner of Free Morple’s cafeteria. She hadn’t seen her since the first time they met, so she made it a point to go say hello.             “Hi Taylor. How are you?”             Taylor stiffened, practically recoiling.             “I’m sorry.Continue reading “Meet Robin Karros”

Impoverished Wealth: Serena Cortez

Click here to download Impoverished Wealth: Serena Cortez from Amazon Books. Montecito, California Serena’s mare trotted inches away from the fence that ran parallel to the Pacific Ocean. One hundred feet of cliff separated the body of water from the Cortezes’ estate, but the wind elevated its salty fragrance, providing Serena the aroma she cravedContinue reading “Impoverished Wealth: Serena Cortez”

Impoverished Wealth: Damon Maker

Click here to download Impoverished Wealth: Damon Maker from Amazon Books. 7:22 a.m. Friday, October 9 Damon dreaded Sam knocking on his door every morning. It was such a passive way to get his attention. Why he couldn’t just open the door and tell Damon to hurry downstairs for breakfast baffled him. It seemed soContinue reading “Impoverished Wealth: Damon Maker”