Tim was being especially fidgety this morning. He was scratching his forearm so hard Lindsey feared he was going to cut himself.             “Last week you said you were anxious about your board meeting. How did it go?” she asked.             He rolled his eyes and said, “You know, same old same old. World’sContinue reading “Temptation”

Revealing Reginald

Order your copy of The Abandoned today             “Hello, hello. Is anyone there?” Reginald bellowed as he let himself in his son’s mansion. Frank and Finn bolted to the front door to smell the intruder, barking to acknowledge their presence.             “Oh fuck, Richard. I thought you said these dogs would be tired. They’re going to stressContinue reading “Revealing Reginald”


Order your copy of The Abandoned today             After collecting herself and completing her chores, Robin stormed out of Free Morple without paying anyone else any mind. She liked to believe the days of this state causing so much heartbreak were over, but countless others battled hardships every single day. Nothing could excuse what Jimmy’s father hadContinue reading “Sisterhood”