The Abandoned

Once an uninhabited island off the California coast, the government used Morple to quarantine minorities during the sonoravirus pandemic from 2030 to 2045.

At its conclusion, Morple became the country’s fifty-first state. This is where sisters Robin Karros’ and Ariana Jackson’s tragic journey began. As two of the first children officials checked into and raised in a state-run program responsible for inflicting severe abuse on Morple’s youth, they shared hardships that strengthened their bond.

After a social revolution put an end to the program and freed them, Robin and Ariana went their separate ways.

Now that it is 2089 and each has achieved prosperity, their paths intersect after spending the latter portion of their lives apart. Even though it goes against protocol, Ariana reestablishes a relationship with her older sister and integrates with her family.

In doing so, she risks her marriage and husband’s business interests, but it causes her to realize she must make up for her life’s biggest mistake. It soon becomes apparent the fate of Robin, Ariana, and others has been more intertwined than they ever could have imagined.

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Revealing Reginald

Order your copy of The Abandoned today             “Hello, hello. Is anyone there?” Reginald bellowed as he let himself in his son’s mansion. Frank and Finn bolted to the front door to smell the intruder, barking to acknowledge their presence.             “Oh fuck, Richard. I thought you said these dogs would be tired. They’re going to stressContinue reading “Revealing Reginald”


Order your copy of The Abandoned today             After collecting herself and completing her chores, Robin stormed out of Free Morple without paying anyone else any mind. She liked to believe the days of this state causing so much heartbreak were over, but countless others battled hardships every single day. Nothing could excuse what Jimmy’s father hadContinue reading “Sisterhood”